Doing a PhD is as tough as training for a marathon and Im doing both

I used to have a normal job, with set working hours, drinks with colleagues on a Friday night and a desk in an open plan office.

Tuition fees have led to surge in students seeking counselling

A surge in the number of students at top universities using mental health services is due in part to the hike in tuition fees to £9,000, campaigners have said, adding that financial stress is linked to anxiety and depression.

Be on message or beware targets and rankings are the way forward for universities

Higher education agencies, or quangos, are not the most exciting organisations even to those able to navigate their way through the acronym soup – Ucas, Hesa, Hefce, QAA … But they matter: they deal with important stuff – admissions, loans, complaints, statistics. And what is happening to them is revealing about the dominant interests of the policy and management class.

Bring Teach First graduate scheme to prisons review to recommend

Aside from visiting a former pupil in a young offender institution, Dame Sally Coates had never been in a prison before when she was asked by the justice secretary, Michael Gove, to undertake a review of prison education. “All I knew about prison education was that the boy I visited wasn’t getting any,” she says.

I wish they would write more clearly students speak out about marking

If we are honest, teachers are not renowned for abstaining from moaning. Get a few of us together, and it probably won’t be long before the topic of marking raises its ugly head.

Funding cuts will strip London schools of their social mobility success

When Nicky Morgan announced a consultation on the new school funding formula, she promised to create a system that would ensure “all children – whatever their background and wherever they live in the country – get a great education.” For headteachers in London and other inner-city areas, there’s a fear this promise will not be fulfilled.

Academy sixth-form closure to end A-level provision in UK borough

An academy in Knowsley, Merseyside, is under fire after it announced plans to close its sixth form, which will bring to an end A-level provision in the borough.

4 Surprising School Supplies Online Students Might Need

It was my first day of online classes. I sat at the computer eager to learn new things. The syllabus called for the usual items: computer, monitor and so forth. I didn’t know, however, that I would need some standard school supplies as well. Deep into the second week of classes, I found myself heading to the office supply store.

Apply to a U.S. Online Graduate Program as an International Student

International students should translate their academic records to English and make sure their bachelor’s degree is accepted in U.S. online programs.

When it comes to U.S. online graduate degree programs, the application processes are typically similar for domestic and international students. But for the latter group, there may be additional requirements, like demonstration of English-language proficiency, to keep in mind.

State sixth forms outdo private schools in sciences, research finds

The best state sixth forms are outperforming their counterparts in the private sector in the teaching of physics, maths and chemistry, but are less successful when it comes to teaching humanities and foreign languages.