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Fall in state-school university entrants since tuition fees hit £9,000

The government is facing calls for an urgent review of student financing after official figures showed that the number of state school pupils going on to higher education had dropped the year tuition fees soared to £9,000.

Schools out for ever a tale of two teachers

Claire Hill rattles off a list of former pupils’ achievements: the son of a county cricketer who could throw a ball harder than his teachers by age six; the boy who became headteacher of the junior school nearby; the professor of Italian literature in Florence. At 61, she has 39 years of memories at Holmesdale infant school, where she got her first teaching job aged 22 in 1977 and still works.

6 Strategies to Develop Research Skills as an Online Student

As an undergraduate student in the early 1990s, I have vivid memories of my professors repeatedly demanding that I “cite my sources.” Students had a healthy fear of plagiarism instilled in them, coupled with a mandate to support original ideas through the authoritative writings of experts.

3 Individuals to Turn to for High School Mentorship

Many accomplished individuals have found that working with a mentor made all the difference in their lives. In a student’s academic journey, mentorship is an integral part of college, graduate school and the professional world.

Teachers in deprived schools more likely to be inexperienced

Teachers working in the most deprived schools, where attainment levels are lower and children are needier, are more likely to be inexperienced and therefore less effective at their job, according to new research.

4 Surprising School Supplies Online Students Might Need

It was my first day of online classes. I sat at the computer eager to learn new things. The syllabus called for the usual items: computer, monitor and so forth. I didn’t know, however, that I would need some standard school supplies as well. Deep into the second week of classes, I found myself heading to the office supply store.

Plans to scrap parent governors sparks row in schools shakeup

Parent governors are to be dropped from all school governing bodies England in favour of professionals with the “right skills”, prompting warnings from unions that parents will be sidelined in the running of schools.

Until now, places have been reserved for elected parents on school governing bodies, but under plans outlined by education secretary Nicky Morgan in the white paper published on Thursday those roles will now be abolished.

PSC can replace NTS in Punjab

LAHORE – Punjab’s Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman SajjadAkram has said the commission is capable enough to replace the National Testing Service (NTS) in the province as it has the expertise and resources.

Nigerian academicians visits Open University sign MoU for partnership

ISLAMABAD – About 11-member delegation from Nigeria’s Sokoto State University on Monday visited AllamaI qbal Open University (AIOU) and signed a memorandum of understanding for developing cooperative partnership in the field of research and professional development.

Youtube launches localized version for Pakistan

Karachi January 12, 2016:YouTube announced that it has just launched localised versions in Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This launch provides Internet users in those countries with a more tailored YouTube experience to find high quality local content so they can be informed, entertained, educated and inspired by content for their own culture and language, while continuing to access the wide array of content on the world’s largest online video platform.