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Schools out for ever a tale of two teachers

Claire Hill rattles off a list of former pupils’ achievements: the son of a county cricketer who could throw a ball harder than his teachers by age six; the boy who became headteacher of the junior school nearby; the professor of Italian literature in Florence. At 61, she has 39 years of memories at Holmesdale infant school, where she got her first teaching job aged 22 in 1977 and still works.

6 Strategies to Develop Research Skills as an Online Student

As an undergraduate student in the early 1990s, I have vivid memories of my professors repeatedly demanding that I “cite my sources.” Students had a healthy fear of plagiarism instilled in them, coupled with a mandate to support original ideas through the authoritative writings of experts.

3 Individuals to Turn to for High School Mentorship

Many accomplished individuals have found that working with a mentor made all the difference in their lives. In a student’s academic journey, mentorship is an integral part of college, graduate school and the professional world.

Secondary schools face sharpest cuts to funding since 1970s says thinktank

Secondary schools in England face the steepest cuts to funding since the 1970s, according to analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies that reveals differences in spending of nearly £20,000 per pupil during their time in the classroom.

Teachers in deprived schools more likely to be inexperienced

Teachers working in the most deprived schools, where attainment levels are lower and children are needier, are more likely to be inexperienced and therefore less effective at their job, according to new research.

Turning all schools into academies what exactly is the point

The recent education and adoption bill is done and dusted – without much fanfare, as it turned out. For those who dozed off during its passage through parliament, provisions included toughening up forced academy conversion and moving power from local authorities to the Department for Education and its lieutenants, the regional schools commissioners. Before the bill had even reached royal assent, rumours began to circulate that new legislationwas in the pipeline that would academise every school in England by 2020.

How to teach handwriting

Is there any point in learning to write with a pen or pencil in 2016? Of course there is. Yes, the rise of the machines means that we are probably more likely to use the notebook function on our phones than to hold an actual notebook in our hands. And yes, this may mean that we are at risk of losing the ability to write legibly. But are paper and pen dead? Not for your pupils, who will have to sit at least some of their exams using them. So how can you help your classes to master this vital skill?

Good day at school Theres an app for that

When a child is asked by parents what they got up to at school, they probably won’t confess that they were told off for talking in their English lesson, or that they didn’t do their maths homework.

But now honesty may be the only option as behaviour-tracking apps are becoming increasingly popular as an educational tool.

Pakistani student awarded the title of World Distinction Holder

LAHORE: A Pakistani student Eman Javed won the title of “World Distinction Holder” in Commerce 2014 by securing 9 A’s in Cambridge International O levels examination, according to a press release issued here.

30-year-old village farmer bags 2nd position in Intermediate exams

NAWABSHAH: A 30-year-old farmer from a small village near Nawabshah has proved that the desire to get education has no age limit.

Ali Hassan Brohi, a father of five from Jumma Khan village in Daur district 50 kilometers from Nawabshah, had to discontinue his studies in class 8th when his father, the family’s breadwinner, passed away. Faced by financial difficulties, Ali Hassan was forced to work and look after his family.
But the young village farmer did not lose hope.
Almost a decade later, Ali Hassan decided to continue his education and registered for his Intermediate exams in Arts this year. Not only did Ali Hassan clear his exams with flying colours, he received second position in the whole Hyderabad division.
30-year-old village farmer bags 2nd position in Intermediate exams
“I have obtained second position despite being a farmer. I want to tell my students and my friends that they should pursue and believe in education. Inshallah, you will succeed,” he said.

Speaking to Geo News, Ali Hassan said that he never felt any embarrassment or shame sitting in the examination room with students much younger than him. He expressed his wish to continue his higher education further with the same passion, and advised other students like him to follow in his footsteps.

Sikander Ali Rind, Hassan’s teacher and friend who helped him prepare for the exams, said his pupil exceeded his expectations.

“He is a very hard-working student. Despite being from inter Sindh, he has worked hard and obtained second position. Our prayers are for his future,” said Rind.